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Linear thermal burner used for ironing machine

Linear thermal burner used for ironing machine

Linear burner system for press press


Description: used for ironing machine (natural gas and liquefied natural gas), PLC assembly system, installed in the drum can be used.The infrared ray combustion is very stable and even and is heated evenly, the length can be 1.5-3.5 meters, and the power is 35-100kw.


Product features: the size of the fire can be automatically adjusted according to the temperature, greatly improve energy saving.All products have passed the CE certification. After years of continuous improvement of angpo thermal energy, the products have become very mature: CLP touch screen system, instant startup, automatic ignition, automatic adjustment of the size of fire, overpressure protection, flameout and expiration, fault alarm, one-button emergency stop reset, low energy infrared 100% full combustion.


Product specifications (customizable) :

Combustion power

 Natural gas


 Liquefied gas consumption

Calorific value

Fire regulation




2.9-8.4 thousandKcal



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